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Product Overview

The GRD-3000 Explosion-proof Hydrogen Analyzer is designed to continuously measure the concentration of a single component of interest in a flowing gas mixture. The measurement is based on the different thermal conductivity of the individual components of the sample stream. It compares the thermal conductivity of a sample stream with that of a reference gas of know composition.


The microprocessor-based GRD-3000 Explosion-proof Hydrogen Analyzer adopts thermal conductivity gas sensor with high performance, which features strong anti-interference capacity, high resolution and fast response, digital display, upper and lower alarm, standard signal output and relay contact alarm output. The analyzer consists of electronic control and thermal conductivity sensor, which is supplied in an explosion-proof enclosure suitable for installation in hazardous areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Explosion-proof enclosure suitable for hazardous


  • High stability and strong reliability

  • High sensitivity and fast response

  • Large LCD display

  • Upper and lower alarm values freely settable

  • Automatic data storage and viewable at any time 

  • Online calibration

Measured Gases

GasMeasurement Range
H20~2%, 0~10%, 20~70%, 35~75%, 50~80%,
95~100% (volume)

Technical Data


  • Measurement range: 0~2%, 0~10%, 20~70%,

    35~75%, 50~80%, 95~100% (volume)

  • Repeatability: 1%F.S.

  • Linearity: ±2.5%F.S.

  • Stability error: ≤1%/24h

  • Response time: ≤40s(T90)

  • Sample gas flow: 200mL/min


 4~20mA DC (Max. load<800Ω)

 0~10mA DC (Max. load<1600Ω)



菱形图标.pngOperating Conditions

  • Power consumption: 60W

  • Power supply: 220V±10