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Product Overview

1. Fields: Scientific research, environmental protection, metallurgy, petrochemistry, water conservancy, and etc. 

2. Accessories: Organic introduction system, auto-sampler introduction system, hydride generator.


  • Fast to get results. Less than 1 min for 1 sample, with time adjustable.   

  • Good performance including robustness and repeatability.

  • Semi-demountable torch. Easy to maintain.


  • Various accessories to meet all kinds of needs.

  • User-friendly software. Easy to operate and process data.

  • An integrated built-in camera enables real-time monitoring of plasma.

image.png image.png


  • With CE certificate.

  • Meeting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Optional online dilution.

  • 4-channel peristaltic pump design. There is a fan at the back of instrument.

  • 2 configurations: dual-type and radial-type.

  • Optional on-line testing function.


Application note


  • Determination of 8 Elements in the Electrolyte Film-forming Additive in Lithium Ion Batteries by EXPEC 6000

  • Determination of 21 elements in the lubricant by EXPEC 6000

  • Determination of 10 Elements in the Dyeing Wastewater by EXPEC 6000

  • Determination of Heavy Metals in Radix Astragali by EXPEC 6000