Products > Process > Laser Gas Analyzer > LGA - 4500 (Trace level)

Features and Benefits

  • Drift free, Maintenance free

  • Accurate, real-time measurement

  • No tape, No carrier gas, No light source or

    probe replacement

  • No interference from glycol, methanol or amine

  • Reliable in harsh conditions

  • ATEX certified

Application Areas

  • H2O, H2S in natural gas

  • Trace H2O, H2S in chemicals

GasDetection Limit Measurement Range
H2O in natural gas1% F.S.0-100ppm
H2S in natural gas1% F.S.0-50ppm,0-200ppm



Technical Data


  • Repeatability:≤±1%F.S.

  • Linearity:≤±1%F.S.

  • Span drift:≤±1%F.S/6 months

  • Detection limit: 0.1ppm

  • Instrument response time:≤1s*

  • Warm-up time:≤15min

  • Suggested gas flow: 1-5L/min

  • *Gas flow> L/min,system response time (short

    OPL 46cm):T90≤11s,

    system response time (long OPL 112cm):T90≤21s.

Specifications (H2S)

  • Repeatability:≤±1%F.S.

  • Linearity:≤±1%F.S.

  • Span drift:≤±2%F.S./6 months

  • Detection limit: 0.1ppm

  • Instrument response time:≤3s*

  • Sample gas: dust/moisture/oil free (filtration≤0.5um)

  • *Gas flow>1L/min,system response time:T90≤30s

  • Warm-up time:≤60min

  • Suggested gas flow: 1-5L/min

Input & Outputs

  • Analog outputs: 2 outputs 4-20mA, max. load 500Ω,

    electrically isolated

  • Relay outputs: 3 outputs 24V DC/1A

  • Communications: RS485(or RS232/Modbus)

Operating Conditions

  • Power supply:100-240V AC(H2O), 200-240V AC


  • Power consumption:≤12W(H2O);≤450W(H2S)

  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

  • Protection class: Ip65


  • Laser class: class 1 conformant with IEC60825-1

  • CE certified: conformant with 2004/108/EC