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M5000 is a compact desktop spectrometer for metal analysis based on CCD technology. Its design combines high performance with rugged construction and operational convenience with reliable operation. The programmable digital spark source, optimized optical system, auto spectrum correction, digital controlled and data capturing and durable spark stand enable you to obtain fast, reliable and accurate result for metal analysis.


M5000 has established itself well in China market and keeps offering high performance with minimal operating costs. It covers the wavelength range 140nm~680nm,permitting the analysis of all elements required by the metals industry. Pre-defined calibrations are set up in factory and can be adjusted to fit special analyzing requirements. M5000 is built under strict manufacturing and quality control procedures with ISO 9001.


  • Foundries which need a quick analysis near the furnace

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Warehouses material identification


菱形图标.pngHigh performance and affordable

菱形图标.pngCompact designed desktop unit

菱形图标.pngEnergy saving, standby power 100VA, no vacuum pump

菱形图标.pngFull wavelength coverage ,customized factory calibration, adding new element without
   further hardware configuration

菱形图标.pngWavelength range 140nm~680nm,capacity to analyze more elements required

菱形图标.pngDual optical system design ,optimized performance for analysis of C,P,S and N

菱形图标.pngSpectrometer temperature control ensuring high precision and stability

菱形图标.pngProgrammable digitalized spark source, generating optimized discharge waveform for different bases

菱形图标.pngAdvanced excitation protection and diagnostic system ensuring operating safety

菱形图标.pngArgon purge control protecting entrance lens from contaminating, minimizing maintenance

菱形图标.pngProfessional and simplified operating software, easy to use

菱形图标.pngIntelligent data capture, improved accuracy by reducing background interference

菱形图标.pngGlobal factory calibration with interference correction

Technical Specifications


•    Available for the relevant bases such as Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ti, Mg and Co.


Optical System

•    Paschen-Runge optical system with full wavelength coverage

•    Effective wavelength range140nm-680nm

•    Multi-CCD detectors with high resolution

•    Dual optical system design , optional UV optics



•    Standard factory calibrated programs

•     Freely selected analysis programs

•     Customized calibrated programs according to individual requirements


Spark Stand

•     Argon flushed and optimized Argon flow

•     Easily operated sample clamp adapted to different sample geometrics

•     Durable electrode and easy maintenance

•     Excitation hole 13mm


Readout System

•    High performance DSP and ARM processor with super high speed

•     External PC optional

•     Ethernet data transmission


Excitation Source

•    Programmable pulse digital source

•     Optimized electronics and complete excitation protection 

•     Available spark, arc and combined discharge waveform for different bases

•     High-energy pre-spark

•     Frequency: 100Hz~1000Hz

•     Maximum discharge current: 400 A 



•    Easy used and graphic interface based on Windows

•    Automatic diagnosis system

•    Database management

•    Microsoft Windows operating system


Electrical and Environmental Requirement

•    AC220V±20V,50Hz

•    Max 400VA in sparking

•    Average standby power 100VA

•    Room temperature: 10℃~30℃

•    Relative humidity: 20%~80%



•    L x W x H: 726 x 622 x 546 mm

•    Net weight: 80kg


M5000F140-680 nmOptimizd performance for C,P,S and Nanalysis。
Available for bases such as Fe,Al,Cu,Zn,Ni,Ti,Mg and Co.
M5000 N170-680 nmOptimizd performance for C,P, S.
Available for bases such as Fe,Al, Cu,Zn, Ni, Ti,Mg and Co.
M5000 S200-680 nmAvailable for bases of Al, Mg,Cu,Zn,Ni,Ti.