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Continuous Particulate Monitor

The BPM-200 measures ambient particulate by using well applied beta ray attenuation technology. PM2.5 measurement can also be achieved by introducing corresponding cyclone.

Key Features

  • Compliance with US EPA equivalent method

  • Automatic continuous operation up to 60 days

  • Auto zero and span calibration

  • Low maintenance and operation requirement

  • User selectable measurement cycle

  • Various output with serial printer and GPRS as optional

  • Stable and long life time radiation source


Particulate matter sample is pulled by a vacuum pump and concentrated on filter tape spot, the concentrated sample is advanced to measuring position where between beta ray source and detector.

An attenuation signal of beta ray is detected which represents the mass of sample particulate. Particulate concentration can be determined by dividing mass to volume which has been strictly controlled during sampling with fixed flow rate.

Technical Data

PrincipleBeta ray attenuation
Performance SpecificationResolution1 μg/m3
Lower Detectable Limit5 μg/m3
Reproducibility< 7%
Range1 mg/m3 to 10 mg/m3 Selectable
Sample Cycle1~360 min
Sample Flow Rate16.7 L/min
Flow Accuracy± 1%F.S.
Flow Stability± 2% F. S.
Beta Source14C (Carbon -14), 10 μCi
Beta Detector TypeGM tube
Filter TapeGlass fiber filter tape, 60 days of operation
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature5~40°C
Ambient Humidity0~90% RH, noncondensing
Ambient Pressure86~116 kPa
Physical and ElectricalPower Supply220±10% VAC, 50±1 Hz
Power Consumption350W with pump and heater
Dimensions and Weight310mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 400mm(D), 25kg
CommunicationCommunication PortRS232, RS485
Digital I/OTwo digit input, four-digit output
Analog I/OTwo (4~20)mA , 1~5V/0~5V output   Two (4~20)mA input
OtherOptional serial printer and GPRS