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SupNIR-1000 series portable near infrared analyzer is designed to be a portable analyzer for onsite rapid detection, wavelength range covers 600 to 1800nm, compact structural design, small size, built-in rechargeable battery, large capacity storage device and LCD module. By configuring different measuring attachment, the analyzer can implement rapid detection of no destruction of flake, pellet, pasty, powder and liquid samples in some composition of physical and chemical. It has been widely applied in fruit farming, food quality, scientific research, and other fields.


菱形图标.pngStable and reliable portable solution.

菱形图标.pngSmall volume, light weight, only 6 kilogram.

菱形图标.pngEasy to operate, can be easily grasped by non technican.

菱形图标.pngBuilt-in USB interface, Transfer data to the computer directly.

菱形图标.pngCan implement rapid detection of no destruction on onsite samples.

菱形图标.pngHigh accuracy detection, close to the normal analysis accuracy of lab.

菱形图标.pngA variety of power supply methods, 19V DC and built-in lithium battery.

菱形图标.pngRapid analysis, synchronously measure multiple indexes within 30 seconds.

菱形图标.pngBuilt-in standard substance, has automatic diagnosis and fault prompts functions.

菱形图标.pngBuilt-in strong storage devices, achieve the analytical data and spectrogram   storage.

菱形图标.pngConfigure  RIMP  software  with  instrument, can  implement  upload and download of data, edit and output analytical report,  realize network  long  distance  control.

菱形图标.pngAbundant  measurement  accessories, can realize different sample analysis, convenient to change probes. 

Application Areas

Sample typesMeasurement index                                                
FruitSSC ,Acidity ,Hardness
MeatMoisture, Fat, Protein
Edible oilFatty acid, Acid value, Lodine value
TobaccoNicotine, Moisture, General sugar, Reductive sugar,General chlorine, Origin identification, Classification .
ClothComposition content of mix textiles
High molecularMolecular, Density, Remnant monomer, Additive content, Plastics type identification
SoilMoisture, Organic quality, General nitrogen content,Soil classification.
Medical substanceCrystal state, Pellet diameter, Density, Quality degree

Note: canincrease measurement types and index based on customer requirement

Technical Data

Product typeSupNIR-110         SupNIR-1520                                                                                                                      
Wavelength range600-1100nm         1000-1800nm
Noise< 100uA             <50uA
Wavelength accuracy0.2nm              02.nm
Wavelength repeatability±0.05nm           ±0.05nm
Resolution6nm                6nm
Stray light<0.1%             <0.1%
Detection time<30seconds         <30seconds
Number of storage models group6 groups            4 groups
Number of simultaneous analysis index6                  6
Storage spectrum500               500
Storage analysis results6000               6000
The light source powerInner 5V/5W, outer 5V/10W
The light source life span> 5000 hours
Communication interfaceUSB2.0
Temperature range(5-35) °C
Humidity range(5-85) %
The light source19V DC/4.5A or lithium batteries(work continuously for less thaneight hours)
Dimension(length × width × height)355mm×278mm×117mm