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With the years of experiences on process analysis and environmental monitoring instrument development, the Focused Photonics Inc has developed the COD-2000 series chemical oxygen demand online analyzer, which is a new generation in the world. The instrument is designed for automatic COD monitoring on several types of water matrix, such as industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, industrial process water, etc. Such analyzer adopts advanced sequential injection platform, combining with national standard detection method, which ensures reliable and accurate results. With high level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components. The analyzer provides multiple standard interfaces, which are easy to combine other available instruments, such as flowmeter, pH meter, etc, therefore remote monitoring can be achieved.

The analyzer can be equipped selectively with corresponding pretreatment system for thoroughly meeting the demands of various working conditions and various customers.


菱形图标.png Automatic calibration, automatic zero adjustment and automatic cleaning;

菱形图标.png High reliability, low maintenance;

菱形图标.png Accurate measurement, wide applicable scope;

菱形图标.png Safe operation, efficient analysis.

Operational Principle

Based on the standard potassium dichromate oxidation method and new technical platform, samples will be digested under the strong oxidant (potassium dichromate), catalyst (silver sulfate) and high temperature (165℃). During digestion, the hexavalent chromium will be reduced to trivalent chromium and the solution’s color will change. The digested solution will be measured with a colorimeter and the absorbance is proportional to the COD concentration.


Technical Specifications

Measuring PrincipalColorimetric, high temperature digestion of potassium dichromateFunctionAutomatic clean in every analysis period; can remotely control the zero adjustment; surplus reagent alarm and fault protection function.
Technology PrincipalSequential injection analysisInstrument AdjustmentContinuous/periodic/timed/external signal triggered measurement
Detection InstrumentPhotometerAdjustment PeriodAutomatic adjustment interval, may manually select.
Measuring Range                                                     (0-100) mg/L;(0-200) mg/L;(0-500) mg/L; 0-1000mg/L;0-5000mg/LClean TimeSelectable according to actual situation
Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate Test5%Digestion Time Selectable according to actual situation
Repeatability≤3%Data StorageOne year
Resolution<1mg/LMaintain periodOne month
Zero Point Drift≤±5mg/LMeasuring PeriodNormally 30min
Range Drift±5%Input2 paths of 4-20mA input, 2 paths switch input, can add analog collection units according to actual situation.
Digital CommunicationRS232/RS485Output2 paths of 4-20mA output; RS-485/234
power consumption<100WMTBF≥720h every time
Power Supply(220±22)VAC;(50±2.5)HzReagent Offer reagent and its formula for per month’s analysis according to actual situation.
Operation Temperature                                        15℃~45℃
Weight<30 kgs

Application Areas

菱形图标.pngPollution source monitoring

菱形图标.pngIndustrial water monitoring  

菱形图标.pngMunicipal wastewater monitoring