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Product Overview


Grain, Oilseed Processing, Flow Milling, Starch Production, Sugar Production, Ethanol Production,

Raw Material of Feed, Feed Final Products


Moisture, Protein, Fat/Oil, Ash, Fiber, Starch, Amino Acid, Sugar, Dry Matter and more

Features and Benefits

菱形图标.pngFast:10-second Analysis of All Type of Samples

菱形图标.pngHigh Performance: High Accuracy, Repeatability, Stability and Reliability

菱形图标.pngEasy to Implement, Operate and Maintain

菱形图标.pngModern Technology and a wide range of Available Calibrations Free of Charge

菱形图标.pngUser-Friendly Software with Multiple Statistics Analysis

Easy operation with user-friendly software

image.png      image.png

Versatile results display with warning and action                      User can develop their own calibrations with total 

displays for outlier and product limits.                                       autonomy under the guidance of engineer.

Easy and reliable software operation stable                             Online data analysis and multiple statistics functions.

analysis results                                                                              

Hassle-Free maintenance

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The SupNIR 2700 analyzer are designed to be                        The SupNIR is designed for easy setup and configuration.  

easily maintained by the customer, thereby,                             Upon delivery, a factory trained product specialist will 

decreasing down time and maintenance costs.                        perform diagnosis to verify instrument performance and 

The lamp has expected >5,000 hours life and can                   then install calibrations and set up products according to

be easily monitored in the program and changed                     customer requirements.

by the user.                                                                                As part of the installation, the FPI products specialist will 

The instrument itself is designed for long life and                     train the operator and managers in all aspects of routine 

reliability with quality components and no fans,                        operation, configuration, diagnostics and data management.

lasers, desiccators or cooling system to fail.

A wide range of calibrations

FPI has focused on grain and feed industries for more than 25 years with NIR instruments for quality control

to meet its needs. And customers are free of charge for all 76 calibrations, also they could develop their own

calibrations with total autonomy.


Technical Specifications