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Features and Benefits

Backed by decade expertise and research on utilization of TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) technology, the latest RLGD-100 is developed on a well proven technology platform. The RLGD-100, is a portable detector that allows high-sensitivity real-time detection of methane from a distance. Methane leaks can be quickly monitored by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. It enables easy access to hard-to-reach locations, and provides protection for operator and industrial applications against a wide range of potential leak sources.

  • Locate methane up to 30metres

  • High sensitivity and ultra-fast response

  • Response to methane only, no interference

  • Self-check and automatic calibration before start-up

  • User-friendly LCD display

  • Wireless data logging

  • Visual and audible alarms

  • Easy to operate and maintenance free

  • Long operation time

Application Areas

菱形图标.pngNatural Gas Mining

The remote methane detector can be applied in all natural gas process from the very beginning to end users.

In mining, there will be a risk due to instant leakage of methane mix with ambient to cause explosion. Methane concentration can be easily detected by pointing the laser to possible leak areas.


菱形图标.pngSub Station

In the downstream of natural gas supplement, which is the user end, there will be more safety risks due to lack of maintenance and regular inspection. User friendly interface and operation makes remote detector even can be used by untrained user possible.


菱形图标.pngDistribution Pipe

The joint point of natural gas distribution pipe lines could be the most possible leak point in the distribution system. Therefore, regular inspection in these areas are essential for safety, hence remote detection will be the most efficient and time effective way.


菱形图标.pngGas Tank Truck

Remote laser detector has enabled leak detection from a distance, especially useful to transportation vehicles before departing and after arriving for a safe transition. Besides, the laser technology will not false alarm on other gases to ensure accurate detection.


菱形图标.pngGas Holder

Installation of a fixed natural gas detector to detect possible leakage on the top joint point of gas holder is a regular method for safety inspection. However, in some circumstance, there possibly be no such good position for fixed installation (such as round type tank), remote detection will be the best alternative.


菱形图标.pngUnderground Gas Leakage

Forget about the suction pump and metal probe which have been used in the past by conventional instruments. Compensation function will remove background methane and count the leakage only, laser property provides extremely high sensitivity and accuracy for low concentration underground leak detection.

Measuring principle

RLGD-100 employs Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology, where laser light beam is projected over a distance onto a reflective target, a fraction of backscatter is reflected and received by the transceiver. Methane in the laser path creates a distinct signal in the returned light, which will be collected and focused onto a detector and converted to an electronic signal. Average methane density between the detector and target are displayed in ppm.m


Technical Data

Detection Method

Tunable  Diode    Laser  Absorption Spectroscopy   (TDLAS)

Detection Gas

Methane   (CH4 )  or Methane contained gases

Measurement Range

0-50 000 ppm.m

Detection Distance

0.5-30   m nominalactual detection  distance  may vary from objectives and conditions


5 ppm .m at distance from   0-10m Accuracy

Alarm  Range

1-9 999 ppm.m


±10% (100- 000) ppm.m

Response Time


Alarm  Range

1-9 999 ppm.m

Alarm  Modes

Audible tone visual flash   and concentration reported on the display

Selftest  & Calibration

Built-in  self-test    and automatic calibration before    startup

Laser  Safety Class

In conformity with IEC60825-1.2007a   class 1 laser is equipped on this instrument as the detector  and a class 2 or 3R laser used as the   spoUer

Explosion Proof

Ex ib IIA T3 Gb

Enclosure Protection


Operating Conditions

(-20 - +50)℃ (30-95)%RH   (non-condensing)

Storage  Conditions

(-30 - +60) ℃,   90%RH  (non-condensing)

Power  Supply

Rechargeable lithium-ion   baUery

Battery Duration

≥8h   at 25 ℃ under    screen  brightness level 3 and   sound volume  level 2

Battery Charging Time




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