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Measuring principle


菱形图标.pngThe light source emits ultraviolet beam which transfers to gas cell through optical fiber.

菱形图标.pngAfter absorption by measuring gas, the light beam transfers through optical fiber to spectrometer.

菱形图标.pngBeing dispersed through the grating, and converted into electric signal by the array sensor, a continuous absorption 

      spectrum of  measuring gas is thereafter obtained.

Technology Comparison

ItemUV Hot-Wet   MethodNDIR
Spectral   RangeComplete and   continuous absorption spectra obtained through holographic grating and diode   array detectionNon Dispersive,   characteristic absorption spectra obtained through band-pass filter
Linear   ResponseHigh wavelength   resolution secures linear responseband-pass   filtration compromises linear response 
SO2 LossHot-wet   prohibits SO2   dissolutionCondensation   inevitably causes SO2   loss
Sampling   SystemHeat tracing.   Requests only dust filtration, simple and no corrosiveCold-dry.   Requests dust filtration, condensation, water removal and corrosion proof
Zero   Calibration PeriodLong (DOAS   algorithm)Short
Anti-InterferenceThe combination   of complete & continuous absorption spectra, high wavelength resolution,   DAOS algorithm erases interference from dust, moisture and background gasesVulnerable to   moisture interference
Gas CellConnected by optical fiber,   easy to replace and low maintenance costComplex to replace and   maintenance

ReliabilityNo moving partsMoving parts   existed



Features and Benefits

菱形图标.pngFull spectrum measurement and DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) algorithm, excelling in accuracy,       repeatability and anti-interference with moisture, dust.

菱形图标.pngModular design and no moving parts, higher reliability and easier maintenance.

菱形图标.pngPulse Xenon Lamp used as light source with over 10-year lifetime.

菱形图标.pngThe adoption of diode array sensor enables instant spectrum acquisition and rapid response.

Technical Data

SO2, NOx AnalyzerOMA-2000
Technical   PrincipleUV-DOAS
Installation   typeHot-wet    Extractive
Measurement   Range0~200ppm,    0~1000ppm, 0~3000ppm
Zero   Drift≤    ±2%F.S.
Span   Drift≤    ±2%F.S.
Accuracy≤    ±1%
Response   Time(T90)≤    60s
Linearity≤    ±1%F.S.
O2  AnalyzerZrO-100/KE-25F3
Technical   PrincipleZirconia/Electrochemical
Measurement   Range0~25%
Response   Time(T90)≤    60s
Linearity≤    ±2%F.S.
CO, CO2  AnalyzerTOC(CO,  CO2)
Technical   PrincipleNDIR
Installation   typeExtractive
CO   Measurement Range0~1000    ppm
CO2   Measurement Range0~20%
Zero   Drift≤    ±2%F.S.
Span   Drift≤    ±2%F.S.
Accuracy≤    ±1%
Response   Time(T90)≤    60s
Linearity≤    ±2%F.S.