Two-lane blacktop

I’ve been on a Two-Lane Blacktop jag recently. (If you have Comcast cable with on-demand, you can watch it to your heart’s content, free — in HD, even.) Directed by Monte Hellman, it stars a young, sullen James Taylor and a young, sullen Dennis Wilson as a couple of gearhead hustlers vaguely making their way eastward in a primer-grey 1955 Chevy that looks like a cross between a hotrod and a hearse. Along the way they cross paths with Warren Oates, playing a jittery, Goat-driving rambler being kept afloat on benzedrine, booze, and bullshit — “Everything is going too fast and not fast enough,” he says at one point — and Laurie Bird, playing the hippie chick. Nothing much happens. It’s glorious.

Here’s the goofy trailer:

Here’s how it all ends:

More: Interview with Hellman.