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It is divine

If you’re unfamiliar with the Robert Pollard catalogue, I have composed this Spotify mixtape for your benefit (and my own amusement). It skews heavily toward the Pop in Pollard’s “Four Ps” (the other three Ps being Punk, Prog, and Psychedelic), but it is spring, after all. Play it loud.


My ears started hemorrhaging today, and only later did I discover that My Bloody Valentine had released a new album, their first in 21 years. Now that’s something.


It’s available at the band’s site.


Shooting the Stones

Nellcôte as Arcadia?

Life was very simple – Keith looking after Marlon in the morning, playing music in the afternoon, that’s it. English friends would be invited to stay for the summer; especially people with kids, so Marlon would have a social life. Everything was always back to the kids.

Sometimes the photographer’s camera sees more clearly than his eyes.


Why is it that, after more than two years, I still can’t watch this goddamn film in the United States of America?

Wilko Johnson, by the way, is the actor who plays the badass who chops Ned Stark’s head off. I think that might be a spoiler.