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Cool planet score

The set list from Guided by Voices’ terrific show in Denver last night. Forty-eight songs. No filler.


The run from from “He Rises! Our Union Bellboy” to “Cut-Out Witch” was particularly good.

Cover art

Some fine record covers forthcoming from Robert Pollard:




The top one’s for a 45, the other two for LPs. My Mind Has Seen the White Trick is a particularly good album title.

Vicious implements

For Father’s Day, my daughter sent me an official set of Sid Vicious pencils. They were created for the current Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


For the record, I saw Sid perform, backed up by ex-New York Dolls Jerry Nolan and Killer Kane, at Max’s Kansas City in September of 1978. A couple of weeks later he went to jail after stabbing and killing (allegedly) his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon. A few months after that, while out on parole, he died of misadventure. I’m not sure he ever made it to the Met.